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Winter Warmer Specials

At Pelonngwe Spa and Wellness, we believe that relaxation and rejuvenation should be accessible to all. Together with our AfroVedic Healing Institute offers, our winter specials make it easier than ever to keep warm and cozy while enjoying a range of treatments from massage to aromatherapy. With cost-effective packages available, you can indulge in all the blissful benefits of spa and wellness without breaking the bank. Visit us today to enjoy the ultimate pampering experience


Are you ready to experience the best and most fulfilling

relationships of your life?

Join AfroVedic Master (Nkosiyamanzi-Makhisiandile) for a boundless 90 minutes journey to the heart, as you uncover your true essence to become the love you seek in Miraculous Relationships.

Choose AfroVedic   this winter


Step into a world of winter enchantment at our AfroVedic Healing Institute and allows us to guide you on a transformative journey of healing and self-discovery. Immerse yourself in ancient wisdom fused with modern expertise, as we create a sanctuary of warmth and rejuvenation. Embrace the magic of winter and experience profound restoration for your body, mind and soul. And at last, indulge in ultimate winter sanctuary at Pelonngwe Wellness Retreat, Spa. As winter wraps it’s comforting arms around you surrender to a haven of serenity and revitalisation. Let the soothing aromas transport you to a realm of deep relaxation. With our carefully curated treatment and specials, immerse yourself in a world where winter becomes a catalyst for renewal leaving you radiant and ready to embrace the wonders of the winter season.

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