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The Critical Gut

Health Awareness

The gut is referred to as our second brain because it is central to our health and well-being. The gut is more about how its health influences our health and well-being holistically, right from immunity to mental health and clarity. This connection is intricate and often missed by most allopathic healthcare systems as the symptoms are treated most of the time. 


At AfroVedic Healing Centre, we get fascinated by this intricacy as we understand the importance of keeping gut health as our top priority, which means good and better health. When the following episodes occur in your life, know that you need to start taking care of your colon. 

Signs of an unhealthy gut

Digestive Discomfort

Chronic Fatigue

Weight Flactuations

Digestive discomfort which includes and not limited to, bloatedness, constipation or diarrhoea and gas. These symptoms clearly tells you that your gut needs serious attention. These symptoms could be the beginning of your worst unwell nightmare, wrong bacteria may be starting to cause havoc on your system. Oxidative stress may be creeping in to destabilise your health.

Ongoing fatigue could be a sign of your gut being under stress. Imbalanced gut health leads you to malabsorption of nutrients which may disrupt your sleep patterns often increasing the fatigue as the cycles is disturbed. 

Unexplained weight loss or gain with no efforts to achieve either could be a worrying factor about your gut health. Microbiome imbalance has the potential to impact metabolism and the body’s intelligence to regulate weight. Addressing gut health challenges may nip all in the bud before it becomes a nightmare. This makes restoring health of the gut easier.

Food Cravings

Mood Swings

Skin Conditions

Sugar cravings and unhealthy carbohydrates are a sign of imbalanced gut microbiomes. 
Unwanted bacteria and some viruses feed on sugar, and their excessive growth can increase sugar cravings and leave your gut in disarray. A need to explore lifestyle change and choose nutrition better  becomes eminent

As mentioned earlier the gut-brain connection intricacy and power is always a mystery for many health practitioners. Gut health influences our mental health and stability. 
Gut bacteria overgrowth can affect the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which regulates mood. Addressing gut health can lead to improved mental well-being, reduced anxiety, and stabilized mood.

Skin challenges such as  acne, eczema, or psoriasis are often reflections of internal unhealthiness particularly gut health. The gut-skin axis suggests that gut inflammation can manifest externally as skin issues. AfroVedic protocols always lead to skin improvements.

Autoimmune Reactions


Gut challenges results in systemic inflammation and trigger immune responses which can lead to autoimmune diseases. Gut health plays a critical role in immune regulation and taking care of your gut health will reduce inflammation and alleviate autoimmunity. Afrovedic protocols could assist in regulating this process. 

Food sensitivity is a sign of compromised intestinal lining which is commonly known as leaky guy which influence indigestion food particles to enter blood stream which can trigger immune response as well. 

What do you do?

Understanding and respecting your food sensitivities could be the best way to enhance your gut’s health. 

Embracing AfroVedic Healing protocols for Gut Health will be a personalised, holistic approach to health by considering individual body constitution, genetics, biochemical, and lifestyle factors. This approach allows us to create a customized plan targeting the root causes of gut health issues, rather than merely managing symptoms. It involves dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, stress management, and specific supplements to restore and maintain gut balance.

If any of these signs speak to you, or if you’re committed to enhancing your health in 2024, we encourage you to take proactive action. 

Book an AfroVedic Holistic Discovery today

During consultation with our AfroVedic Practitioners, we will explore all AfroVedic approaches and protocols to address your specific gut challenge. This approach will set you on a vibrant and healthier lifestyle path. 

Let us assist you in facilitating your healing responses in your body and make 2024 a year of excellent health for you. Book with us to assist you reset your gut health. We are here to hold your hand into great health and wellness.

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